Summer Day Camp 2022

Handibear Hills Summer Day Camp Wednesdays and Thursdays from une 29 to August 11 8:30 am to 3:30 pm ages 8-15 years Camp open to all levels, no horse experience needed. Camp will include time with horses, farm and stable management, horsemanship and riding in our arena, looking after farm … Read more about Summer Day Camp 2022

My start

I started at Handibear Hills at 4 years old in the Smalls Program. This would have been in 2006. Mostly I rode a small bay pony with the personality the size of a Clydesdale. His name was Breezy. I moved away from PEI a few short years later but I have always cherished and held onto my memories of … Read more about My start

Summer at the Sanctuary

Happy July  and summer (I hope) to all of you.  The herd is on their summer pasture, such joy for them. It took a long time for the grass to grow to a decent height, to be safe for them. Short grass is not good for horses and ponies. It has been so cold, my farmer neighbour told me that the first … Read more about Summer at the Sanctuary

Annual Health Clinic

An opportunity to practice health skills, with Dr. Duckett and Dr. Muirhead, learning pulse, respiration, injection techniques, and deworming. Today was a success story. Folks from both ends of the Island came to the health clinic. Dr. Duckett and Dr. Muirhead speared the education session and the … Read more about Annual Health Clinic

Using Xray Technology

Sweetums is very lame with Laminitus. I was concerned as to the amount of rotation of the coffin bone. Chris. Versteeg DVM of KVC took Xrays on Tuesday and then forwarded them to Ron and Myself. Ron had requested the Xray before he did the trim. This technology is so slick and quick. I get to keep a … Read more about Using Xray Technology

Our Fabulous Farrier Ron Harris

I had accumulated a large herd in the '80's and was doing most the trimming myself. My back was not handling it well. I had a couple of Standardbred fellows helping me trim. In those days most the horses came to me with tendon and suspensory evils and I needed a good Heel and not a long toe, Long … Read more about Our Fabulous Farrier Ron Harris

The New Barn Cleaner

Boy am I having a problem focusing this morning. Too excited. Checked on the bridge. it is open to all traffic. The boom ETA is 3 pm and that of course is always subject to bridge and weather. Wendell is coming with the backhoe to do the gravel trench. This man is the most amazing person with the … Read more about The New Barn Cleaner

The Pond Liner Replacement Crew

It is wonderful, to have it back to its original splendor. The boys can be so proud of their work, it wasn't a simple project to complete. love and hugs Isaac wasn't satisfied with the pond detail last week. So he came today, hauled rock, built walls and paths and trimmed the excess liner. A few … Read more about The Pond Liner Replacement Crew