Hello Everyone!

I am hoping to raise money for the Handibear Hills Horse Sanctuary, to buy a new barn cleaner. The horse Sanctuary is run by a wonderful woman named Yogi Fell. Yogi currently looks after 13 horses and 2 ponies. With the help of a few volunteers. In Prince Edward Island, we can get some pretty nasty winter storms. The barn cleaner is essential to Yogi durning the winter months. As a single aging woman, who resides in the horse barn, she is often the only one able to tend to the horses during our harsh winter months. The barn cleaner alllows Yogi to simply rake the stalls into the floor behind all the horses. The barn cleaner moves all the mess out back.  No shoveling, or hauling. Yogi has dedicated her life to these horses and teaching youth to look after horses. The Journal Pioneer recently wrote an articel about Yogi and her horses.

“I’m running this sanctuary on my pension and this has been a very difficult year for me because pretty much everything that could break, did break down.”
The sanctuary was born in 1976 and sees horses arrive from all different origins, while providing them a haven to live their final years free of pain or fear. Fell hopes her good cause will continue to flourish, but massive costs are making it hard.
Fell runs a youth program called, Trailblazers Horse Club, as an education effort to help teach the next generation how to care for, ride, and train horses and ponies, so fewer animals are left rejected.
Source: Journal Pioneer

I am confident we can reach this goal and help Yogi and her horses before the snow flies! Every little bit helps!!!!!

 CLICK HERE to visit the GoFundMe page. Thank you!