I had accumulated a large herd in the ’80’s and was doing most the trimming myself. My back was not handling it well. I had a couple of Standardbred fellows helping me trim. In those days most the horses came to me with tendon and suspensory evils and I needed a good Heel and not a long toe, Long toes seemed to be the “in thing” with the Standardbred fellows. Through the years, I had been complaining a lot to my friend, a barn manager at Spruce Meadows about the dilemma. One day she told me “You cannot complain anymore. One of our best farriers has moved back to PEI. He will make all hoof things better.” And he does!! We have had a lot of funny hooves through the years at Handibear Hills. That is 27 years of goodness at the Sanctuary. Ron has a lot of knowledge and is blessed with a lot of experience. love and hugs

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