Young people learn responsibility, self-confidence, community ethics, leadership and a wide array of practical skills, from fence building, farm maintenance, basic veterinary science, driving and riding. Trailblazers can be 10 years old to 70 years old.

There is no charge to be a Trailblazer, but the cost of “Island Horse Council” membership liability insurance.

Youth 10 to 19 years old meet on Saturday afternoon. 

*Adults over 20 can attend by appointment for their special time.

Trailblazer Smalls program is provided in the summer for children 5  to 9 years old.

Check our Facebook Page for weekly details.

My life has been enriched by the talents of  my Trailblazers.  Through the years  I have been gifted with many works of art, handcrafts, letters of appreciation.  They have shared their many gifts.  The following is a poem by Kelsey Langille about the horses at the Sanctuary some years ago.  There are not so many at the Sanctuary now, as many have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Ode To The Sanctuary

DOLLY, and HONEY what horses to be,
what would we do without those sweet peas?
We have Mr. Perfect, FINALLY’s got it all
and the great sweetheart ART, man he is tall!
They’re the quiet ones, yeah they are the strong silent type.
FANCY and JAMAICA, now they’r quite the pair,
drama just follows them everywhere.
DARLING has made a great effort this year,
the best improved pony, that much is clear.
MOCHA’s unique outlook was put to good use,
I hope she remembers to never downduce.
DANA, the dreamer, GIDGET so smiley,
the one always talking? That would be MOLLY.
BABE, just watches the horses that’s be tricking’,
by the way babe, what’s with the licking’?
SUNDAY so quiet, while PRIZE, well she’s not,
MORNING gives everything, all that she’s got.
SWEETUMS and BREEZY they are just zooming
While OH OH and GUS are probably cruising
TONY, the llama was born a few years ago,
but can he spit? The answer is no.
DAWSON it’s true your’r a real work of art,
This barn and these horses have taken up most of my heart!

Written by Kelsey the summer 2009