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Latest from the blog

  • One summer I went to an amazing barn and and I ended up staying all year. I got to learn so much. Yogi is a really nice lady, the horses are amazing, and it’s so much fun. I highly recommend Yogi’s barn.
    Grace Quackenbush
  • Went there for our E.A.R.T team for training. I was so amazed at the love and care for these horses by the staff, so well cared for and also great therapy. I live with anxiety and I was so much better when leaving, long lasting effect. I will be doing a monthly donation to help as it surely is needed. Seeing where the money is put to use is important and I've seen it first hand. Please contact them to go feed the horses, I am so very glad I went.
    Tammy McArthur
  • Heather Ogg Barn Gal
    Thank you Yogi, for teaching me so much and for always being so willing to share your vast knowledge. I could never have realized my dream of having a horse without your generous help and guidance. You are one of the smartest, strongest, kindest women I know and I am so grateful to you. xo
    Heather Ogg
  • Stephanie Douglas
    Yogi Fell an amazing woman with an indomitable spirit, and open loving heart, especially for horses and the people who need that contact. I learned a lot by being her neighbour. A couple of memories stand out. One of them is rushing to help get in hay bales before it rained. Never, ever do that with short sleeves on.
    Stephanie Douglas
  • heart icon
    I've had the pleasure of meeting Yogi Fell a few years ago and have seen first hand the wonderful work she does at Handibear Hills Horse Sanctuary, both for the autism and non-autism community (including the HorsePlay PEI program for children with autism with Helena Reeves).
    Melissa Fernandez
    Montreal, QC
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    You have touched and given purpose to so many lives over the last quarter century! Nurturing everything/one that you met, taking the otherwise "written off" and giving them the tools to grow and sometimes relearn their purpose in life (which is an understatement)! The kindness of your heart would be enough to change the world if given the chance.
    Meredith Mackay
  • Brittany_Stephen_Wright
    It was such a great day! Thank you so much :) We can't wait to come back!
    Brittany Stephen Wright