Happy July  and summer (I hope) to all of you.  The herd is on their summer pasture, such joy for them. It took a long time for the grass to grow to a decent height, to be safe for them. Short grass is not good for horses and ponies. It has been so cold, my farmer neighbour told me that the first cut was only 1/2 the yield that they usually get from their fields. I now have a little more time to do people things, now that the herd is gone from the barn. There is always a welcome to the Island at the Sanctuary for visitors.

This summer I have 2 students, Abby Saunders and Lashya McQuaid, to help with our programs and the general farm management. The goal of these work programs is to give training and a chance to gain good employee skills. And sometimes they get to play with the horses. The flowers and the weeds are starting to bloom and “Where time stands still” is a beautiful place to sit and count the fish.

Stay at the Bunkhouse

The bunkhouse has had a thorough cleaning thanks to Sandra’s diligence so it is ready for occupants. It is like a community hostel $15/bunk per night rental. 2 star camping because there is a roof.  But the 1 star camping is beautiful at the Picnic place.  There are 2 firepits, a couple of “Loos”.  The butternut grove is coming into full leaf now.  It is only $10/person/night. Bring your tent, camp and enjoy the stars and you can get your drinking water at the barn and I am sure the herd will check you out at the fence while you are there. All monies from these ventures support the feed bill. The driveway is directly opposite to the Adams Road intersection. But drop in at the barn and we will direct you.

The Smalls Horse Program

Zoe Novaczek is back and will be offering the Smalls Program for sweethearts ages 5 to 8.  It will be $60 for 8 weeks or $10 daily for drop ins.  Check the Facebook page  “Handibear Hills Horse Sanctuary, Inc.  Registration will be July 2nd Tuesday evening at 6pm.  I won the Hero of the Horse Award in November.  There five letters of nomination and they posted Meredith McKay’s nomination letter.  She describe my program as tough as nails.  So!!!! Trailblazers “Tough As Nails” Bootcamp will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   9 – 4.   Ages 9 up.  They will learn the alls of farm management, horse health, teamwork, communication and perseverance and how to make on the fly decisions critical to outcomes of safety for themselves and the herd.  And of course this will all come with horses learning to drive and ride.

Adults Comfort Around Horses Program

For the  Adults wanting to learn to have “Comfort around Horses” they can come on Saturday afternoon at 2pm for an hour or so.  And who know this may get you riding just for the fun of it all.  “Trailblazers” and “Comfort” are free programs, but donations are always joyfully received.

Horses 4 Autism

Horses 4 Autism is held, Monday, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. There is a fee for the program. Check it out with Helena on her “Horses 4 Autism’ Facebook page.

Bushwacker Volunteers

I am wondering if there are any bushwackers out there that would just like to help with fencing chores and farm development. I have 30 acres in the back that we would like to develop with paths. We could use explorers to develop paths and tag the trees to do some clearing.

The Sanctuary has a new farm truck and the chair is in the back, so we are ready for visitors. The Sanctuary is featured in “The Book of Musts in PEI'”  Must visit of course! So a ride in the farm truck to visit the herd is a fun activity.

The Adventure Grove

The Adventure Grove assembling  is coming along. We need to build the platform for the slide, and get the trampoline assembled. But the kid cave is ready for occupants, the Gryphon is ready to ride, and the Hobbit house will point you to the tree walk. There are balance beams and a saddle teeter totter for the little ones. Come and explore.

I am always on the go on the hill, and now I have to get to the field with the salt block and mineral, just another management essential item to keep the herd happy and healthy.

Do visit this summer, love and hugs from Yogi and the herd.