I love my barn, the shell was built in 1991 by Herman Mayne (who was 89 at the time) and his crew of George Mayne, Allan Hagan, and Roy MacLennan. Herman told me it would take them 11 to 12 days to build it. It did but we had the worst fall weather on record and it took 12 weeks. It has a bit of a lean because it withstood gale force winds of 140km one night. I was very fortunate that Herman and his crew braced the rafters really well, and it did not fall.

With the shell completed, it was up to me to finish the inside. I am the Handibear. Originally the plan was to have one side for horses and the other side for rabbits. I was raising meat rabbits
at the time and the pretty well paid for the feed bill. Something happened because when I was finishing the inside to have both sides with horses with not a rabbit in sight and….. no income for the feed bill.