Peas in a Pod

This is Peas in a Pod. She is a 24 year old mare, she has breathing issues, teeth issues and deteriorating ligament issues in her right hind leg. She is not an easy winter keeper. She does much better on grass. She is much loved, Heidi bought her the beautiful fuzzy halter. … Read more about Peas in a Pod


Jewels is an aged Registered Welsh mare documented 30 years old and has been at the Sanctuary for more than 10 years. She came to us very blind, in spite of this she is a wonderful trotting drive pony. She responds so well to the reins, she is a fun drive. In the winter it is hard to keep the weight … Read more about Jewels

Dandy & Streeter

HB Dandy - Standardbred Gelding (1984) HB Streeter - Standardbred Gelding (1987) Both these boys were donated by Trailblazer Krista; Krista had both boys since they were three. They have done everything and are nice old fellows to go down the trail. Streeter is great in our chariot. Krista … Read more about Dandy & Streeter


Shetland Pony Mare (2000) Dropped off August 2003, kicking squealing and biting. Very unhappy pony. Does not like males, forks and rakes. The story that came with her; she was abused. Trailblazers are working hard to gain her confidence. We hope to have a driving pony by the summer of 2005. … Read more about Darling


Grade Pony Mare Donated when she was 8 and sadly outgrown. She has her moments and hates her herd so we have to watch her she will back up 20 feet to nail another horse. Donations have a history that we do not know so this is a good pony to teach you to watch and keep heads up. When we ride her … Read more about Dixie


Trahkener/PEI Plug Mare (Susie) (2000) Born and raised at the Sanctuary, Jamaica just kept growing she is 16.2 at age 6. In her 4th year she developed a growth on her right front elbow, this proved to be a large cell Cancer growth. AVC's Dr. Riley operated successfully, she recovered that winter … Read more about Jamaica


Standardbred Mare (1983) Donated when she was three years old. Was a terrific saddlehorse until she injured a knee at 15 years, now she is a terrific broodmare and mother. Her foals are Finally, Ramona, Mocha and Oh Oh and a new foal will be here in the summer. … Read more about Jeannie


Newfoundland Pony Mare (1976) Rescued from the meat yard and donated in 1997. Handy mare, much loved, great pony for the beginners. … Read more about Jewell


Newfoundland Mare (approx. 1966) Donated when she was 30 plus we have had her for 7 years now. She is still a trooper in harness and under saddle. … Read more about Nancy

Oh Oh Early

Trakhener Gelding (Jeannie) (2002) Full brother to Finally, and Mocha will mature to 16+hh. Delightful horsonality. Beautiful balanced movements at this young age. … Read more about Oh Oh Early


2000 Morgan X Pony Mare 14 hands Prize came to the farm with an infected foot. With the help of the Farrier and antibiotics she is well and now under training. Sam put some miles on her last fall and we conditioned her to cars on the road. Soon we will be putting her back to the road and then … Read more about Prize

Rema, Dolly and Molly

Rema, Dolly and Molly were donated to the Sanctuary by Ruth Lawley Ruth rescued the ponies and kept them for 20 years with Rema. When it was time to find a home for them. They could not be separated so they came to the Sanctuary. Rema is always on guard and looks after Molly and Dolly they are her … Read more about Rema, Dolly and Molly

Ryan’s Fancy

Trakhener/PEI Plug Mare (Susie) (1999) Born and raised at the Sanctuary, Fancy was weaned at 3 months when her dam died. She is a lovely calm mare. She did not grow as tall as April or Jamaica, her full sisters, perhaps because she was weaned so early. But she is 15.1hh. And weighs in at 1100 + … Read more about Ryan’s Fancy


Belgium/Quarterhorse (1985) Rescued by Dr. Collatos of the Atlantic Vet College she was 9. A nice animal around the barn. Pretty versatile, she can do a basic dressage test, jump a little and loves to head down the trails. … Read more about Sheena


Standardbred Mare (2000) Snuggles stayed with us for a month or so in the fall of 04.  She belongs to Sarah D is coming back for more training.  Sarah just started Trailblazers this year so she will be trained on the other horses and by the end of the year she will be riding … Read more about Snuggles