Summer at the Sanctuary

Happy July  and summer (I hope) to all of you.  The herd is on their summer pasture, such joy for them. It took a long time for the grass to grow to a decent height, to be safe for them. Short grass is not good for horses and ponies. It has been so cold, my farmer neighbour told me that the first … Read more about Summer at the Sanctuary

Annual Health Clinic

An opportunity to practice health skills, with Dr. Duckett and Dr. Muirhead, learning pulse, respiration, injection techniques, and deworming. Today was a success story. Folks from both ends of the Island came to the health clinic. Dr. Duckett and Dr. Muirhead speared the education session and the … Read more about Annual Health Clinic

Using Xray Technology

Sweetums is very lame with Laminitus. I was concerned as to the amount of rotation of the coffin bone. Chris. Versteeg DVM of KVC took Xrays on Tuesday and then forwarded them to Ron and Myself. Ron had requested the Xray before he did the trim. This technology is so slick and quick. I get to keep a … Read more about Using Xray Technology

Our Fabulous Farrier Ron Harris

I had accumulated a large herd in the '80's and was doing most the trimming myself. My back was not handling it well. I had a couple of Standardbred fellows helping me trim. In those days most the horses came to me with tendon and suspensory evils and I needed a good Heel and not a long toe, Long … Read more about Our Fabulous Farrier Ron Harris

The New Barn Cleaner

Boy am I having a problem focusing this morning. Too excited. Checked on the bridge. it is open to all traffic. The boom ETA is 3 pm and that of course is always subject to bridge and weather. Wendell is coming with the backhoe to do the gravel trench. This man is the most amazing person with the … Read more about The New Barn Cleaner


Aero is a  Quarter Horse/Standardbred cross.  Her Sire is Tees Venture owned by Larry Banman and her dam was Kelsey Rose, Aero was born at the Kinkora Inn.  Sarah Bustin (her owner) died in a car accident and  her sister Jessica took over Aero's training.  She has the horsenality of a red mare, and … Read more about Aero


Jewels is an aged Registered Welsh mare. (28 yrs old) The Stewarts donated her to the Sanctuary about 5 years ago. She is showing her age with a very swayed back, so we do not ride her. She is quite blind, but the other ponies look after her. I haven't had to put bells on anyone yet. Her job is to … Read more about Jewels


This is Finally, Jeannie S' first foal, born in New London a Trahkaner X too. Wonderful conformation. Loved to jump. Came to the Sanctuary when he was 5 with a with badly infected scratches. We fixed that. He was born in 1998. Great horse in the ring. He has the very best training before he came. … Read more about Finally

Morning Missed

This is Morning Missed, the offspring of Jeannie S. and Lapland Skipper which makes her a Trahkaner X. She has exceptional conformation and beautiful gaits. She needs a job and all my accomplished riders have gone west. … Read more about Morning Missed

Brilliant Art

Robbie Smith donated Art to the Sanctuary, he was born in 2000. He had a lot of racing problems when he came which included a Bowed Tendon, Capped Hock, Foot Abscess and a locked stifle. It took me a while, to get him sound for his job at the Sanctuary. We love him so much, he has been our poster … Read more about Brilliant Art


This is Prince, a Welsh cross pony. He was donated to the Sanctuary because he was a bad acting bully pony and they did not feel he was safe for their children. It took a bit of work to change his attitude and give him a bit of manners. He is just wonderful now and a great starter pony for … Read more about Prince


This is Mira, a Lusitano Xbred. Lovely high stepping gaits, jut perfect for Helena and the Autistic crowd. … Read more about Mira

Fiddler Fred aka Dawson

Standardbred Gelding (1997) Dawson came to the farm as a 2 year old stallion, not suitable for racing. He was gelded and we started his ground training. At three he was ready for the trail. He has a wonky stifle, so we have to do a lot of miles to strengthen the ligaments and muscles. He is a … Read more about Fiddler Fred aka Dawson

Chairo Yuki

This is Chairo Yuki (which means brown snow in Japanese) Chairo was donated to the Sanctuary by Peggy and Brent Mackinnon when she was four. She was born in 2010. As you can see she is what we call an easy keeper in horse talk. This was her year to be backed. She has lovely smooth gaits, a credit to … Read more about Chairo Yuki